SHUN CHIEH was establishing "product research & development center" in 2001 to work hard a research and developing actively of tending motive headway, and continuously to establish the laboratory of scale in the CGMP pharmaceutical factory various equipments. Even precise analysis instrument with promote a research development of accelerating the product, and the product program improvement and reach the manufacturing process of each production line perfect, quality control definite, the customer's satisfaction, then fight for diversified customer's source. The product develops a result, in addition to certificate company management team of work hard outside, and plans a target to sell Shun Chieh whole Taiwan and the whole world.

1. Formula Development:

R&D Center active to provide many high quality health materials.Hope to give many high quality health foods for people.Our development purpose are 『safety』、『nutrition』、『convenient』and『effectiveness』,and hard to control the source and quality of product for each customer.

2. Sample Test:

R&D Center can cost down because we can use a small amount Ingredient for sample test , customer can estimate the Product’s effect and stability, sample test fast can increase efficiency in the order of product.

1.Material Control:
Each lotMaterial must be test pass in QC .Then use in the product.

2.Process Control:
QC use control graph to control the Process.

3.Product Test:
Each OEM&ODM product must be test pass, then deliver to customer.

4.Standard Sample:
Each batch of OEM and ODM Products must be kept samples in the standard sample room, it’s easy to chase Exceptional products and stand up for customers rights.

5.Regular Control:
Microorganism test for machine ,work environment ,worker’s hand ,water and instrument adjustment.

Standard Sample room:

1.Laminar Flow 2.Incubator 3.Infrared Moisture
Determination Balances
4.Tablets Hardness Tester 5.Water Activity Meter
6.Analytical Balance 7.pH Meter 8.Metal Detector 9.Disintegration Tester 10.UV-VIS

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  Product application service:
1. Foods GMP application 2. Healthy Food’s manufacture Factory applications
3.Free Sale certificate application 4.Halal certificate application
5.Brocasting characterses application
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